Skin Care Tips & Tricks

Confused on where to start with skin care?
You aren’t alone. There are so many products available that it is not easy to find what will work for you. Here are a few tips and tricks to know what to look for and where to begin.

Where are you purchasing your products?

Purchasing your skin care products from your Facial Plastic Surgeon’s office (Lakeside Cosmetic Center) will guarantee ingredients that will enhance your skin with less buffers and more science. We work directly with the high quality skin care companies who not just stand behind their products, but provide studies and research to prove their products work. Bonus: High quality skin care products last longer because you need less to apply to your skin since there are quality ingredients.

What are your skin care needs?

With so many products out there, how do you know what to use? You need to decide what you want to address. Is your skin dry from the winter blues or are you trying to stay one step ahead of natural aging? Do you want to maintain your skin’s glow between HydraFacials? Are those pesky breakouts stressing you out?

Why do you need a full regimen?

There are certain products that work best in the am vs the pm. You want to apply products in the proper order for better absorption and to know which ingredients address different skin care concerns. If you are a beginner to the skin care world, keep it simple and consistent. Cleanse, Treat, Moisturize, Protect.

How do you know what ingredients to look for?

Some key ingredients to look for are: growth factors, peptides, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, retinol, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. These individual ingredients can build a solid foundation of youthful and more importantly healthy skin. Our expert staff is highly trained and dedicated to provide you a clear understanding of your new skin care regimen and the steps. Every patient who purchases a product also leaves with a customized skin care regimen card.

So now you know where to start, your next step is scheduling the Consult! Give one of our Patient Care Coordinators a call at (585) 905-3414.

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