Does your underarm sweating bother you?

Do you feel like your underarms are always sweaty, soaking through clothing or are you uncomfortable with the amount of sweat you produce? You may have a treatable condition called axillary hyperhidrosis, which means excessive sweating of the underarms. Some people experience hyperhidrosis on their underarms while others experience it on their palms of their hands or soles of their feet or even the scalp. The extra moisture in the area can not only affect day to day activities but can sometimes make individuals very self-conscious. There are treatment options for hyperhidrosis from OTC or prescription topicals to injections of Botox, which helps to temporarily weaken the muscles that cause sweating. Botox treatment is an in-office procedure that involves small pricks of a needle and injection of Botox into the skin throughout the underarm area and in about a week time, one should notice a decrease in the amount of sweat produced in the area. The treatment usually lasts about 5-6 months and, in some patients, can last longer. For many patients who feel they sweat more in the underarms than they want, this is an easy and effective treatment, and most are extremely happy and satisfied with the improvement they notice in their day to day lives.

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Blog Written by: Eleni Filios, PA